PEEK Implants

PEEK, short for polyether ether ketone, is a thermoplastic polymer that has various engineering applications and plays a significant role in the treatment of a patient. At our contract machining facility in Warminster, PA, MK Precision uses this colorless organic polymer to manufacture medical implants used by healthcare professionals from around the country to across the globe. Our PEEK implants are trusted among numerous clients and with our ISO accreditation, you can rest assure that we produce the highest quality PEEK implants.

PEEK implants that we manufacture for the medical field include minimally invasive spinal implants, lumbar implants, and thoracic implants. We also manufacture PEEK spacers and screws that are implant-grade.

Reasons PEEK implants are preferred by medical institutions include:

  • Resistant to attack by organic and aqueous environments within the body
  • Robust character that gives them the ability to undergo intense precision fabrication
  • Non-toxic and safe for human applications

PEEK has become popular in the world of medical device manufacturing, but it also has uses in the aerospace, automotive and chemical process industries. Being a versatile PEEK manufacturer, you can rely on us to meet your demands. If you would like more information about our PEEL implant manufacturing services, fill out the submission form to the left and contact us today at (855)754-6896.