Five-Axis Machining

Being an industry leader in manufacturing the best products on the market, we are proud to use true five-axis machining equipment. Our machines have the ability to not just position the tool along the rotary axes, but it can also feed the tool through the cut using these axes. This allows the tool to smoothly follow a contoured surface, make for the most precise and accurate device possible. This technology has been utilized in the aerospace industry for some time because it can meet the needs for the aerodynamic forms of an aircraft.


Our facility has recently installed the Chrion FZ-08KS Magnum Vertical Machining Center and the Tsugami SS20M-5AX that have been vital instruments to our operations. In addition to all of the other machines we use, they allow us to make the most precise products on the market. After a device goes under rigorous and careful inspection, all of our products will meet your needs.


If you would like to hear more about our equipment and the two new machining centers, feel free to contact us and call (215)675-4590.