MK Precision Releases Free eBook About Contract Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

In an effort to promote awareness about the importance of having a certified and reliable contract manufacturer, we poured our knowledge as a medical device manufacturer into a concise, easy-to-read, 8-page eBook.

This eBook, produced and published by MK Precision, is titled The Vital Role on Contract Manufacturing in Supply Chain Management and Optimization.

Within the eBook you’ll learn about the close relationship between supply chain sustainability and contract manufacturing.  You’ll learn when it’s better to outsource manufacturing as opposed to keeping it in-house, what the advantages and risks of contract manufacturing are, and what the modern day supply chain looks like.

You’ll also learn how to find the right contract manufacturer by identifying the Three T’s – transparency, technology, and turnaround.

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This eBook contains valuable information that can benefit supply chain managers, buyers and planners, product managers, and any professional who works directly with contract manufacturers on a daily basis.

It can even benefit people who aren’t actively looking for a contract manufacturer: supply chain professionals who stay current by reading new industry-related material, college students studying supply chain management, and non-professionals and –students who are interested in how products and supplies change hands before being brought to market.

The sections of the free eBook include:

  • Identifying the Challenges of Supply Chain Management
  • An Overview of the Modern-Day Supply Chain
  • The Role of the Contract Manufacturer in the Supply Chain
  • Contract Manufacturing: Time and Cost Savings
  • Contract Manufacturing: Finding the Right Contract Manufacturer

To learn more about these topics related to contract manufacturing and supply chain management, get your personal copy of the eBook today.  At absolutely no obligation!

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