Gaining a Competitive Edge with Advanced Machining

Every company is different, and trying to gain an edge over competitors can be a challenge in a saturated market. Surprisingly enough, this is a big issue for medical equipment manufacturers because of the high demand for their products, as well as the need for economical price points. However, healthcare organizations sometimes have trouble differentiating between the truly competent, quality suppliers and the average ones. This is partially due to volume – there are just so many manufacturers out there! But do you know what makes a medical equipment manufacturer stand out from the crowd? It’s the advanced machining and state-of-the-art equipment used to produce medical devices, as well as a commitment to delivering the best products on the market.

While others will try to claim that they offer advanced machining, is it really true? You’ll only know that if the company offers a transparent look at their processes and work ethic – something that we at MK Precision definitely do. With the use of advanced five-axis machining equipment, medical devices can be produced at the highest of standards and with the most accurate and precise engineering possible. True five-axis machining provides numerous benefits, including the capability to not only position a tool along rotary axes, but also feed the tool through the cut using these axes. This permits the tool to effortlessly follow a contoured surface, resulting in the most exact device possible.

5 axis machineTwo highly advanced machines used in the manufacturing process, the Chiron FZ-12KS Magnum Vertical Machining Center and the Tsugami SS20M-5AX, are among the best five-axis machines available in the world and both can be found in the MK Precision manufacturing facility. When these machines are paired with highly skilled engineers, they produce excellent medical devices that also complement the ISO certifications found at MK Precision. ISO certifications give us that competitive edge over other medical equipment manufacturers, because not all can reach these high standards.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, non-government organization that is known worldwide for setting standards in almost every industry. In order to attain ISO certifications, companies must meet strict regulations and guidelines to pass an evaluation. MK Precision holds two ISO certifications: ISO 13485 and ISO 9001:2008. These two certifications signify that MK Precision consistently manufactures high-quality medical devices and creates new products that benefit the medical community.

Advanced equipment like true five-axis machining can produce the best medical devices on the market; that, in turn, can lead to the attainment of highly sought-after ISO certifications. When both of these benefits are combined, it points to the best medical equipment manufacturer in the industry – MK Precision.