Haas UMC-750, the 5-axis behemoth.

Our brand new UMC-750 machine from Haas Automation, Inc. showed up today. American made, American-sized, and ready to make some American parts!

This 5-axis vertical machining center is humongous, and we can’t wait to fire it up. Here’s a quick video highlighting this beast: http://bit.ly/1LM0SPi

20150528_Haas_UMC750-3 20150528_Haas_UMC750-8 20150528_Haas_UMC750-24 20150528_Haas_UMC750-27 20150528_Haas_UMC750-37 20150528_Haas_UMC750-7520150528_Haas_UMC750-49-2