How Swiss Screw Machines Deliver Better Precision Machining

When you trust a company to produce medical devices, you need to be absolutely sure that they’re providing high-precision machining. Sensitive devices like dentals implants, artificial joints, and surgical screws and bolts need to be not only strong and durable, but also engineered and machined with the utmost accuracy and precision, ensuring that they will perform exactly as needed with no added risk of complications. In other words, the quality of the product itself has a direct link to the effectiveness and safety for the end patient. However, it can be hard to evaluate exactly how well a machining company is able to live up to standards for precision and quality. How do you know which companies are good ones?

precision machiningWe believe that one major factor to consider is the equipment that a company uses. Even the most experienced engineers are only as good as the tools and systems that they use for precision machining. Some of the best precision machining systems in the world, for example, are cutting-edge Swiss Screw Machines; however, very few machining companies use them because not all are willing to invest the money in that higher level of precision.

Swiss Screw Machines are coveted for a number of reasons. These computer-guided systems use automated lathes, which are capable of creating equipment in almost any form with the greatest precision. A few of the benefits that these machines deliver include the following:

  • More precise – The most important benefit of Swiss machining is the precision that the process delivers. These machines can pare down metal to exact contours with a variance of just micrometers (a micrometer is 1/1000th of an inch).
  • Faster – With fully automated lathes and a high rotational speed, Swiss machining achieves precision without sacrificing speed. This allows companies with the equipment to complete orders for high-quality pieces in very short periods of time, even enabling rush orders.
  • Multiaxial – Swiss Screw Machines use up to five axes, allowing virtually any shape to be produced by a single machine.
  • Clean, consistent results – Results are consistent from unit to unit and batch to batch, and inspections of every production round bear this out.

Not every company has the technology to produce these kinds of results, but that’s what makes us at MK Precision special. When combined with experienced, detail-oriented engineers, the use of Swiss Screw Machines dramatically improves what our company can do in terms of precision machining for medical devices and medical hardware. Contact us today for more information on this advanced equipment and what it can do for your company!