Most Implanted Medical Devices In America

hip2Medical devices are implanted in Americans more than you might think. From oral surgeries that require dental devices to hip replacements, implanting medical devices is a common practice among healthcare providers. While some medical devices only have cosmetic purposes, others are used for life-saving procedures and improvements in quality of life. Medical implant manufacturers must keep up with the growing demands from the healthcare industry as more and more patients need various implants.

According to an article, the number one produced medical device that was implanted more than 2.5 million times in 2011 was artificial eye lenses. And for that reason is because of the amount of people who treatment for cataracts. When doctors and optometrists aren’t operating on eyes, they also work on the ears. Ear tubes, also known as Tympanostomy tubes, are performed on patients who suffer from an ear disease called Otitis Media.

Artificial knees and bone screws, pins, plates and rods top the list as well. Bone screws are probably the most dominate medical implant because they are used to connect implants to existing bone or to repair fractures. Artificial hip implants also make the list but there are far fewer than the latter. Medical implants are used for a variety of reasons as you can tell from above. Any type of surgery that involves medical devices have so many people involved in the process because it begins at the manufacturers’ facility.

Another medical implant that tops the chart involves spine screws, rods and artificial discs. About 413,000 procedures were completed in 2011 and they occur for a wide array of reasons like scoliosis, back pain and other back problems. When it comes to the safety of such devices, manufacturers work under extreme standards because these devices are imperative to someone’s well-being.