What Should You Look For in a Dental Implant Manufacturer?


Dental implants can change lives. But finding a good source for the dental implants your company needs isn’t always easy. There are lots of fabricators that say they make dental implants but not all can be trusted to create a finished product you’re happy with. Here’s what to look for in a dental implant manufacturer to make sure you get what you need:


  1. Focused on dental implants. If you need dental implants manufactured, you don’t want to head to just any fabricator. What you want is a company who knows the demanding requirements of the dental implant industry and is used to delivering high quality implants that exceed expectations. This is true whether you have a concept for a new implant or are manufacturing a new run of an existing product. Thus, focus your search on manufacturers who work exclusively in the medical device industry and who focus a large degree of their business specifically on dental implants.
  2. Experienced working with titanium. Titanium is the material of choice for dental implants. This is because titanium is able to withstand the conditions in the mouth, both above and below the gum line, that lead to tooth rot in the first place. Your dental implants manufacturer should have a long history of working with titanium and know how to use this material to its full potential.
  3. Reputation for precision. Precision matters in dental implants. Like any medical device, the implant has to be flawless in shape, and must fit in the tight confines of a patient’s dental structure without any problems. There may be no other industry where precision fabrication is as important as it is in a medical implant. Thus, your manufacturer should devote serious resources to precision engineering and quality control.
  4. In-house manufacturing team. Don’t go through the trouble of finding a reputable manufacturer just to have them outsource the project to a third party location. When a manufacturer does all of their work with their own in house manufacturing team, they are able to exert more control over the process and better ensure quality in the finished product. They will also save you money by cutting out an additional contractor.
  5. Experience with all implant types. Ideally, you dental implant fabricator should have experience with all three types of implants, those that mount on, inside of, and through the jaw bone.


What other qualifications do you look for in a dental implant manufacturer?