Machining In The Right Direction

Every business, no matter the industry, needs to constantly evolve and expand for so many reasons that it would be hard to list them all. With that said, MK Precision has been evolving, expanding and increasing manufacturing capabilities to better serve customers and improve efficiency. Recently, we acquired brand new equipment to add to our extensive list of high-tech machinery that doesn’t only speed up production time, but benefits our clients with a wider range of precision medical devices.

Haas UMC-750

With the new 5-axis vertical machining center, Haas UMC-750, in our possession, we are excited to take full advantage of its capabilities and apply it to our day-to-day operations! It has a lengthy list of features like the ISO standard G-code programming that gives us full-function control over every mechanical feature. On top of that, the machining center has an extremely powerful 8100-rpm spindle system driven by a 30 horsepower vector drive system. What does that mean? The Haas UMC-750 is incredibly fast, accurate and efficient!

Nikon 3D Laser Scanner LK Altera 7.5.5 CMM

nikonOur precision medical devices are known for their outstanding quality because we inspect and evaluate every single device we manufacture under the most rigorous set of standards. Understanding our commitment to superb products, it comes as no surprise that we have further enhanced our quality control procedures with the addition of the Nikon 3D Laser Scanner LK Altera 7.5.5 CMM!

The new coordinate measuring machine heightens our attention to detail, accuracy and precision when we perform quality control inspections. We are extremely pleased with the fact that this equipment can take a fraction of the time to perform when compared to measurements with hand instruments. It features a versatile and flexible multi-sensor platform that allows for laser scanning and analog scanning.

MK Precision is constantly striving towards the future of medical device manufacturing and we take the necessary steps needed to provide our clients with world-class, American made products and unparalleled service!