MK Precision Machine Spotlight: Chiron Machining Center

precision medical devicesMK Precision has over 25 advanced CNC machining centers that are capable of producing incredibly precise and accurate medical devices. While we use several excellent brands of machines to achieve this, we are particularly proud to have Chiron machines in our facility, as they have provided our engineers with some of the best results.

Currently, we have six Chiron FZ-08KS magnum vertical machining centers and one Chiron FZ12KS magnum vertical machining center. But what specifically makes us trust these machines so much? Here are some of the reasons that we use models by Chiron:

1.  Reliability

When manufacturing medical equipment, it’s particularly important that products are ready on-schedule. This is much easier to achieve when using reliable manufacturing machinery. If MK Precision spent all of its time repairing and replacing faulty equipment, it would push back our production times on new items, and lead to delays that would affect patients – not to mention our own reputation! Chiron machining centers are extremely reliable and incredibly fast, making the choice to use them an obvious one for us.

2.  Extreme Accuracy

We have highly-trained engineers to whose job it is to oversee and guide our manufacturing process, but we also need equipment that is capable of machining to exact specifications for the process to be successful. This is another reason that we use Chiron: the machining center has the highest precision performance in the compact class. It also creates an extremely stable, dynamic, and functional working environment in which to produce a variety of medical devices.

3.  Customization

One of the best features of our Chiron centers is that the basic machines are extremely versatile and customizable. This allows us to pick and choose exactly which options and add-ons that will enhance production of our precision medical devices. It also allows us to prove our additional commitment to our clients by outfitting our machining centers to provide them with the specific solutions that they need.

Our machines have plenty of benefits like easy maintenance, low-cost operation, high-speed spindles, 200mm spindle clearance and so many more – and we’re proud to showcase this particular brand of equipment and our reasons for utilizing it. Chiron machining centers are just one of five that we use, and they exemplify the quality that we look for in our own products and seek to offer our clients.

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