MK Precision: The True Story Behind The Machines

missionToday it’s hard to find a manufacturing company that has a direct relationship to their business, but MK Precision provides that sentimental and personal value to the industry. By having first-hand experience in the equipment they produce, they are a contract manufacturer that provides various components for the medical field, aerospace industry and other clients that need machining.

Mike Klesh, President and CEO of MK Precision is a manufacturer, an engineer and a machinist but is also a patient. Klesh has received implant components like those his facility machines. At the age of 20, he was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, a debilitating curvature of the spine, and underwent dramatic spinal correction surgery. Klesh understands the importance of high-quality medical devices because after his surgery, he was able to get his mobility back, sleep well at night and live a little bit easier than what he was dealing with at the time. That experience has shed light on the company’s mission because they know their products can help improve the lives of others.

Klesh started machining in a barn and would produce anything that a client called for, whether it was a mixing component for a coffee shop, wind tunnel parts or medical devices. The history goes on from there as he began to build a reputation for his company and that’s when medical manufacturing stuck. Expanding into a modern facility has led the company to more clients, more employees and more success.

Having state-of-the-art equipment keeps MK Precision above competitors because they are a vertically integrated supplier – starting from raw materials and finishing to a completed product ready to be utilized. The company has a systematic approach to everything they do – having an organized shop floor, keeping a clean machining environment, conducting rigorous inspections  – MK Precision makes sure the facility represents the clients they serve.

Due to their high standards, they make sure every employee knows how to operate every machine effectively, providing unparalleled quality, service and professionalism. This practice encourages growth within the company where everyone gives a great level of servitude and passion in their work. With this attitude, MK Precision is leading the industry to new heights of distinctive value and capabilities. Visit MK Precision to learn more and watch the personal story from Klesh and other valued employees.