The Difference Between Single and Multi-Axis Machining

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At MK precision, we pride ourselves on using only the best machinery to create precision medical devices and their components for our customers. We believe that the equipment used by a machining company is as essential to a quality end product as the design itself, as it is this equipment that determines so much of the workmanship, precision, and consistency that the final product depends on. That’s why we make your precision medical devices using multi-axis machining equipment. We have sought out the best, most cutting edge machines that...

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Choosing a Contract Manufacturer for Your Medical Device

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Physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals and patients greatly rely on technology every day to diagnose and treat individuals. Since these products play a crucial role in patient care and because of the severity of the consequences in introducing unsafe or hazardous products, manufacturers are held to the highest standards. Choosing the right medical device contract manufacturer is one of the most important decisions companies make, and it can be challenging due to the many considerations to keep in mind. You want a precision...

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MK Precision is Hosting a Manufacturing Day Event

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to manufacture class-leading medical devices and other precision components? Well that curiosity can soon be fulfilled at MK Precision! A special event is being held at our facility that will educate you on various manufacturing processes and show you how it’s done. You’ll get the chance to meet industry experts who will give you a ‘day in the life’ experience which can fuel your inner machinist! Event Information: Date: October 2, 2015 Time: 10:00am to 4pm Location: 309 Camars Drive, Warminster,...

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Final Villanova Video

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Our final video of the Villanova FSAE series. Watch to the end to see a list of just some of their accomplishments this year. Can’t wait for 2016! Great job all around!

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The Importance Of ISO Certifications For A Precision Machining Company

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ISO certifications have been around for more than half a century and as of today, it’s made up of 163 member countries. In business, these certifications tell interested clients if a manufacturer is working in accordance with standards dealing with quality, management, consistency, customer service and many other areas of business. Since the creation of ISO standards, one body, composed of representatives from a variety of national standards organizations, has created and enacted them. Brief History of the International Organizational...

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Villanova FSAE and MK Precision

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We sat down with some Villanova FSAE students to discuss our partnership, what they’ve learned about building a race car, business, and life. Below is the result!

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Machining In The Right Direction

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Every business, no matter the industry, needs to constantly evolve and expand for so many reasons that it would be hard to list them all. With that said, MK Precision has been evolving, expanding and increasing manufacturing capabilities to better serve customers and improve efficiency. Recently, we acquired brand new equipment to add to our extensive list of high-tech machinery that doesn’t only speed up production time, but benefits our clients with a wider range of precision medical devices. Haas UMC-750 With the new 5-axis vertical...

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Heavy Metal

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We don’t normally machine hunks of metal this big, so our senior engineer Brian is having a whole lot of fun with this. Can anyone guess what this has to do with our new Haas machine? ...

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Haas UMC-750, the 5-axis behemoth.

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Our brand new UMC-750 machine from Haas Automation, Inc. showed up today. American made, American-sized, and ready to make some American parts! This 5-axis vertical machining center is humongous, and we can’t wait to fire it up. Here’s a quick video highlighting this beast: ...

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Precision Machining with Recognized Assurance

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Manufacturing medical devices requires more than just precision and accuracy – it requires an extra step to ensure the quality of the product. In order to achieve that heightened level of manufacturing assurance, some seek certification and accreditation from the largest, internationally-known organization to set the standards for quality. This non-governmental entity is known as the International Organization for Standardization, and is the world’s largest membership body. It is made up of 164 partnering countries that develop...

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