MK Precision Machine Spotlight: Chiron Machining Center

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MK Precision has over 25 advanced CNC machining centers that are capable of producing incredibly precise and accurate medical devices. While we use several excellent brands of machines to achieve this, we are particularly proud to have Chiron machines in our facility, as they have provided our engineers with some of the best results. Currently, we have six Chiron FZ-08KS magnum vertical machining centers and one Chiron FZ12KS magnum vertical machining center. But what specifically makes us trust these machines so much? Here are some of the...

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Our new Nikon 3D Laser Scanner LK CMM is here!

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Our new Nikon 3D Laser Scanner LK Altera 7.5.5 CMM is getting set up, and we are excited to take our quality control to the next level. This coordinate measuring machine will save us an incredible amount of time (which is money!) by increasing accuracy in quality inspection at a fraction of the time it takes to measure with hand instruments. Check out some pictures below: If you are interested in learning more about these devices, follow...

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How Swiss Screw Machines Deliver Better Precision Machining

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When you trust a company to produce medical devices, you need to be absolutely sure that they’re providing high-precision machining. Sensitive devices like dentals implants, artificial joints, and surgical screws and bolts need to be not only strong and durable, but also engineered and machined with the utmost accuracy and precision, ensuring that they will perform exactly as needed with no added risk of complications. In other words, the quality of the product itself has a direct link to the effectiveness and safety for the end patient....

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A Picture Perfect Smile With Dental Implants

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The old adage, “you are what you eat” can mean a lot, especially when it comes to your oral health. Some people may take extreme measures to keep their smile the whitest it can be by avoiding certain drinks and foods but that may only do so much.  Your teeth are more important than you may think because they are the first step in the digestion process. If you think of it that way, teeth serve a vital role in your survival – they are needed to break down foods and if you can’t chew solid foods, it could be a difficult...

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Gaining a Competitive Edge with Advanced Machining

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Every company is different, and trying to gain an edge over competitors can be a challenge in a saturated market. Surprisingly enough, this is a big issue for medical equipment manufacturers because of the high demand for their products, as well as the need for economical price points. However, healthcare organizations sometimes have trouble differentiating between the truly competent, quality suppliers and the average ones. This is partially due to volume – there are just so many manufacturers out there! But do you know what makes a medical...

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MK Precision was featured in MFG News with a look at our new Swiss Machining Cell

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Please click through to read a feature about our recent expansion and upgrade on the Swiss Cell here at MKP: A look inside the Swiss Machining Department at MK...

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Understanding Joint Replacements

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The joints in our bodies are constantly moving and over time, they may suffer from some damage because of a variety of reasons. According to a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, more than 7 million Americans have had hip or knee replacement surgery because this type of procedure helps resolve health issues associated with the bad joint. Surgery involves removing the damaged bone and replacing it with implants crafted by medical device manufacturers. Procedures involving the hip typically will involve implanting a prosthetic socket in the...

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A Brief History of Medical Implants

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Did you know that we as a species have been using implants since the time of the Egyptians?  With them it was just dental implants, but it just goes to show you the concept is a very old one.  Major implants didn’t really start happening until the 1800s though.  The 1700s were filled with amputations because of the lack of medical knowledge for stopping infections.  Many sailors who sustained injuries at sea or soldiers wounded on the various battlefields of Europe often saw arms and legs amputated.  Bone diseases were also a major...

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A Long Dental History

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Were you aware that there is history of dental implants dating back to 4000 years ago in China?  That’s a heck of a long time ago, can you imagine what they even did for implants then?  According to remains uncovered those early dental implants were carved from bamboo pegs and then tapped into the bone.  The same was done in ancient Egypt, only this time with rare metals and ivory.  There have even been mummies unearthed which contained transplanted human teeth. Throughout the centuries we humans have used a whole range of materials to...

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A quick progress update on our expansion!

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Fit out of the additional space continues over here and the new home of our Swiss cell is coming along beautifully. We are utilizing the additional area to streamline and efficiently put to use as many machines as possible in the smallest possible foot print. While doing so we are always working on adding the fine finishing details we are known for. As can be seen the floor is in the middle of being painted and new work suites for programming and inspection on the swiss side. We have completed the HVAC install and are just about to begin...

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