Precision Machining For Aerospace Applications

aerospace machining metalA lot of news has been coming out of the aerospace industry recently, specifically focused around NASA’s mission to Pluto with the spacecraft New Horizons. The spacecraft was initially launched into the solar system back in January 2006 and was set towards Pluto to capture as much information as possible about the far reaching planet and everything in-between. During New Horizons journey across the galaxy, Pluto went from being a planet to being not to being a planet again, but at any rate, NASA was determined to reach Pluto, regardless of its’ astronomical classification.

On July 14, 2015, New Horizons reached Pluto for the first-ever flyby of the planet and began to collect pictures and data. While New Horizons continues its journey further into space, the entire globe can relish in the new information it transmits back to Earth. But have you ever questioned how a spacecraft can withstand operation while spanning millions of miles of intergalactic travel? This is where aerospace manufacturing companies come into play with their expertise!

Manufacturing For The Aerospace Industry

You may already know that MK Precision produces a wide variety of precision medical devices but did you know some of the same machining techniques are also applied to manufacturing products for the aerospace industry? Aerospace organizations, like NASA for example, require specific spacecraft components and parts to adhere to high production standards that can ensure quality, craftsmanship and performance. With that said, these organizations rely on precision machining manufacturers, like MK Precision, to engineer superior components that can handle the extreme conditions experienced in the upper atmosphere and beyond.

However, not all machining manufacturers can just decide to supply aerospace organizations with the components they need. Only manufacturers that are AS9100 certified can meet the demands of the aerospace industry. Being compliant in this standard demonstrates that the manufacturing company can deliver on strict quality requirements set in place by those in the aerospace industry. MK Precision is certified in AS9100 as well as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003, making us a diversified precision machining manufacturer with capabilities that span from medical devices to aerospace components!