Precision Machining with Recognized Assurance

Manufacturing medical devices requires more than just precision and accuracy – it requires an extra step to ensure the quality of the product. In order to achieve that heightened level of manufacturing assurance, some seek certification and accreditation from the largest, internationally-known organization to set the standards for quality. This non-governmental entity is known as the International Organization for Standardization, and is the world’s largest membership body. It is made up of 164 partnering countries that develop international standards on a voluntary level.

ISO certification quality assuranceThese voluntary international standards can be used in almost every industry in existence, from healthcare and food safety to technology. The ISO has published over 19,500 standards, and when a business seeks to meet one of them, they are attempting to set themselves apart from the crowd. No one has to get ISO certification, so those companies that do are going the extra mile to prove their worth. This, In turn, gives consumers a way to gauge their options and choose a superior supplier in that specific industry!

You may be asking yourself where a precision machining company fits into this equation. The truth of the matter is that MK Precision is one of the few globally-recognized medical manufacturers to have achieved ISO certification. Why would so few others get certification if it’s that important? Because certification is a difficult and tedious process, and it takes a great deal of time and effort for a business to achieve it.

The ISO defines their standards as world-class specifications for products, services and systems, in order to ensure quality, safety, and efficiency while facilitating international trade. Understanding exactly how these standards are defined and applying them to their own processes can often only be accomplished by a business whose bar is already set high. After all, the ISO requires certification applicants to undergo intense examination and evaluation to meet their strict standards.

When you do find a precision machining company that holds ISO certifications, like us here at MK Precision, you can rest assured that the equipment that they produce is going to be of the highest quality. With globally-recognized, third-party certification to back our products, you know that MK Precision will be a competent medical device supplier.

MK Precision crafts many devices that require precise CNC machining, such as dental implants, spinal devices, surgical screws and even aerospace industry products – and these are all backed by ISO certification. So the next time you need to find a reputable and dependable precision machining company, check to see if they are ISO certified and then go with the obvious choice – MK Precision!