The Quest to Find Top Dental Implant Manufacturers

“Brush your teeth!  Floss your teeth! Don’t forget to use the mouthwash! Oh, and don’t eat too many sweets!”  We’ve all heard these familiar lines, probably from our dentist or someone who cares about us.  Unfortunately, no matter what we do to clean and protect our teeth, problems will still happen.  Whether its cavities, or more severe issues, such as someone having their jaw broken or a growth problem.  Everyday dentists struggle with helping people keep their mouths healthy, clean and strong.  We as a species spend an awful lot of time taking care of our mouth, according to research; Americans spend roughly 38.5 days in their lifetime brushing their teeth.  That’s an awful lot of time!

As dentists it is obviously important to you to bring the best possible care to each and every one of your patients.  When it comes to cleaning, and dealing with minor cavities, you are probably prepared and have all the tools you need at your disposal already.  However, there is something for which you may not have the tools for, and that’s dental implants.  Finding a top dental implant manufacturer can be frustrating and difficult.  You need to be sure as a dentist that the product you’re receiving is safe and will do the job you need it to do.  Your patient’s well-being and your reputation are on the line.

This is why at MK Precision we strive to create top dental implants.  We have ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification; more importantly we hold the ISO 13485 and the ISO 9001:2008 certificates.  ISO 13485 is a standard that states the comprehensive quality management system at MK Precision for medical devices is consistently maintained and the quality system is effectively implemented.  ISO 9001:2008 is significant because it signifies that MK Precision engages in the creation of new products, which also means our products must have an approval process that includes a set of rigorous quality standards and development records before the product is distributed.

Finding a top dental implant manufacturer can be a real challenge, and making sure they use high quality materials can always be an issue.  At MK precision we use high quality titanium that will withstand oral decay and be sure to last your patient a lifetime.  Being able to bring such a high level of quality and assurance to your patient is always a top priority for you, and we apply that degree of dedication to our work and each product we produce every day by keeping our facilities up-to-date, clean and professional.