Do You Have All Your Teeth?

dental-implantsDid you know the average adult has 32 teeth in their entire mouth? The set includes 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars and 12 molars (4 of which are wisdom teeth). The amount of teeth you have can vary slightly if you had your wisdom teeth removed. Chewing is the first step in the digestion process and it’s critical to have all of our teeth to properly break up food. So it makes sense to take care of your oral health in order to eat!

In some cases, people may experience traumatic tooth trauma which can result in tooth extraction, whether it be from an injury, a health condition or a cavity. Cavities are common issues that plague many and are often the reason why people visit the dentist. But, if you don’t visit a dentist, a small cavity can expand and turn into a terrible problem which could result in tooth loss. That missing tooth (or teeth) can sometimes lead to other health problems in your mouth and can make it difficult to eat.

The bone in your mouth that supports your teeth needs stimulation to maintain its form and density. Your teeth act as the stimulation for the bone. However, when a tooth is lost, that bone, specifically the alveolar bone, losses its’ structural integrity. As much as a 25% decrease in width of the bone can occur during the first year after a tooth is lost! When this happens your dentist may recommend a dental implant which may help preserve the alveolar bone and prevent further bone loss. The primary reason to consider dental implants to replace missing teeth is to support your jawbone so you don’t run into problems later down the road.

When looking for a dentist to complete the procedure, you want to make sure they only use top dental implant manufacturers because not all tooth implants are made the same way. As much as you may trust your dentist, you may want to look into who the manufacturer is. Trusting a dental implant manufacturer who is backed by ISO certificates should bear well with your peace-of-mind because they follow strict quality guidelines to produce such products.

When receiving a dental implant, you may want to know the difference between a real tooth and an implant. Implants look the same, function the same and even feel the same way as real teeth. However, dental implants are made with metal which means they will not decay nor will they need root canal procedures. If you experience a tooth loss, a dental implant may be your best option to maintain good oral health.