Villanova SAE and MK Precision Partnership

mk- Villanova SAE pic 1MK Precision develops and builds valuable business partnerships that help create vision, respect and trusted teamwork. Partnering with the Villanova SAE Race Team has provided for an excellent opportunity to work together in constructing a reliable and well manufactured vehicle that is capable of outstanding performance. With the help of MK Precision, the Villanova SAE Race Team is able to get their hands on advanced parts that involve precise machining and skilled engineering.NovaUpright

The students involved in the partnership are a part of Formula SAE which is a student design competition organized by SAE International. The concept behind Formula SAE is that a fictional manufacturing company has contracted a design team to create a small Formula-style race car where the student team must design, build and test a prototype. The prototype must be based on a series of rules and guidelines that ensure onsite operations and promote ingenious problem solving.

mk- Villanova SAE pic 3The Villanova SAE Race Team works with MK Precision to design a vehicle that can fit the requirements as well as surpass the competition. The NovaRacing Formula Car has a sleek and modern design that was a group effort. Various machined components have made their way onto the vehicle and with the ongoing partnership, MK Precision and NovaRacing will continue to engineer the best Formula-style SAE race car.