Why Are PEEK Implants Preferred?

Medical devices save lives. They’re also difficult to manufacture. A medical device that is implanted into the human body must perform in very trying conditions, and no failure can be tolerated. That’s why PEEK implants are increasingly preferred over other materials. PEEK stands for polyether ether ketone, and is a man-made substance ideally suited to the demands of an organic environment. Here are some of the reasons PEEK implants are preferred:


  1. Safety. Despite all the materials that exist in our modern 21st century world, relatively few are safe for being implanted into the human body. Many materials that seem stable and nontoxic outside the body can cause irritation or leech off toxic substances if left inside the body for a long period of time. PEEK implants are one of the safe materials that don’t do this. PEEK is incredibly stable and durable, and completely 100% non-toxic to the human body, even after prolonged exposure. That’s why PEEK implants are among the best in the world—they not only perform well, but protect patients’ health as well.
  2. Fabrication. PEEK is a material that can be fabricated to virtually any shape and design. This is not true with other implant materials such as stainless steel, which has to be cast and machined, or ceramic, which is also a casted medium. As an advanced polymer, PEEK can be fabricated almost without limit. It also has a strong, robust physical character which allows it to withstand even the most intense fabrication processes. Ultimately, this physical strength makes PEEK implants not only easy to manufacture and work with, but also longer lasting as well.
  3. Resists moist environments. One important characteristic of any material used in medical plants is that it must resist wet environments. The human body is mostly water and most implants will be surrounded by watery tissue and/or fluids. They must perform flawlessly when wet and not break down due to moisture. PEEK implants pass all of these tests.
  4. Resists organic environments. Just as important, a medical implant must hold up in a living organic environment. PEEK implants do not degrade in such an environment and are impervious to the organic processes going on around them. That’s just one more reason why PEEK implants are the preferred choice for so many applications.


Not all implants are made from PEEK, but more and more manufacturers are switching over. When you look at the advantages of PEEK implants, it’s easy to see why.